What you need to know about cremation

Documents you will need

You will need to provide the following documents before the body can be cremated:


Who issues this

Where you get it

Notice of Death Form DHA 1663

For death as a result of natural causes, the medical attendant (doctor or pathologist) who confirms the death issues the notice.

In other cases, the state pathologist issues the notice.

The Notice of Death includes the personal details and thumbprints of both the deceased and the informant (usually a relative).

It is taken to the Department of Home Affairs, which then issues the death certificate.

We will obtain this for you from the doctor, hospital or state.

 Death certificate

 Department of Home Affairs.

We will go to Home Affairs for you to register the death and obtain the death certificate.

Application for cremation

The funeral directors.

Thom Kight & Company will complete this document.

Certificate of medical attendant

The first doctor or medical attendant who attended the deceased and identified the primary cause of death.

We will obtain this for you.

Confirmatory medical certificate

A second doctor who confirms the findings of the first doctor.


We will obtain this for you.

Certificate after post-mortem examination

The pathologist who performed the autopsy.

We will obtain this for you.

Authority to cremate

The medical referee, appointed by the crematorium authority.

We will obtain this for you.